Providing quality, compassionate care to horses of all ages and sizes.

Serving Pasco and Hernando Counties and surrounding areas.

About Me

I have relocated to Florida this year and am currently accepting clients in the Tampa Bay Area. I am based out of Hudson. If you are outside of my local traveling range I charge a small travel fee determined by the mileage and tolls required to reach you.

I have completed a year's apprenticeship with Pam Butkiewicz and I have been trimming independently for approximately 3 years. My original instructor, Pam, has had a successful trimming business for over ten years and specializes in rehabilitation cases.  I greatly respect her work and, like she does, study horse conformation and bio-mechanics in order to gain a full understanding of how the foot functions in relation to the horse's body. This study also makes very clear the importance of a balanced trim.

I have also attended multiple clinics and seminars with Daisy Bicking of Daisy Haven Farm. I found this to be an amazing experience and an excellent addition to my continuing education. I remain in contact with Daisy as an excellent source of knowledge and skills.

I greatly believe in constantly continuing education and learning, particularly with horses, as they always have something new they need to teach you! I feel that this is an important quality in any equine professional, especially a farrier. I am always looking for new clinics to attend and new research to study.

I have worked with horses since before I can remember and have been working with horses for over 10 years professionally. I have experience handling all types of horses, including mares, foals, and stallions in a variety of breeds.


I offer a variety of services including trimming, training and education.

Trims:  I regularly charge $30 per trim, Drafts are $40 and mini's are $25.

I do charge a travel fee if outside of my normal service area. The fee depends on my mileage and any tolls I need to go through as well as how many horses I am traveling for. I do NOT charge more for an initial or "set up" trim.

I DO however charge extra for drafts or for horses, the total charge for a draft horse trim is $40, if they are VERY well behaved I will discount that.

I am happy to accommodate horses that have trouble holding their feet high for the traditional farrier's hold. I have a variety of holds for feet if a horse finds it painful or upsetting to use the high farrier hold. I am also willing to work with horses that may have had a bad farrier experience or are just shy or need to learn to stand.

Glue-on Hoof Repair: I offer glue on hoof repair services. If a horse has torn a shoe off, is transitioning from shoes to barefoot, or needs extra support or correction during rehabilitation I use glue to build up the hoof and protect it. Glue repair (with trim) begins at $50. I also work with Glue-on shoes. I specifically like and work with EasyShoes and EponaShoes

Composite Shoeing: I offer composite horseshoeing services using EponaShoes and EasyShoes  these shoes can be nailed, casted, and/or glued on. They offer an alternative to traditional steel or aluminium shoes and, while metal shoes are more appropriate in certain circumstances, are useful in a variety of situations.  

Training: I am offering services as a trainer for your horse to help them learn to stand politely for their trims if they are unable to do so due to lack of experience or perhaps a negative experience with a previous farrier. I will work with them during my visit and leave homework for the horse's owner for them to work on in between trims. Training fees are dependent on how much help your horse needs and starts at an additional $10.

Education: My goal is to have informed horse owners everywhere! Feel free to ask questions while I am out, I don't charge anything for it and there are no "stupid questions" only things you haven't learned yet and if I don't know the answer I will find it for you.